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A Yoga Class in Cannon Beach


This is about a Yoga Class in Cannon Beach; I wanted to add it to my Blog because I have consistently heard very good things about this teacher. Her name is Sarah Fawn, she teaches only in Seaside and Cannon Beach.

There are also some very good classes at North County Recreation
District building in Nehalem, just 2 miles south of Manzanita.

I will post the schedule soon, promise! 


From: “SarahFawn Wilson”


Subject: yin yoga reminder and April yin announcement


Hari Om Yoga Practitioners,


Friday yin yoga–with a focus on the spine (lots of space-opening,

tension-relieving reclined twists), sacrum & pelvis–will be held at SBJJ

From 7:30-9pm.  This will be the LAST yin yoga class held at SBJJ. 

In April I will teach yin yoga in a room heated to 75 degrees at Cannon

Beach Athletic Club from 6-7:30pm each Sunday of the month.  Pricing is as follows:

April session (4 classes), $45 CBAC members & Yoga Shakti students; $50 new students

Two classes, $23 CBAC members & Yoga Shakti students; $25 new students

Drop-in, $12 CBAC members & Yoga Shakti students; $14 new students

Please call or email me to register or if you have any questions,



If you are interested in a Friday evening yoga class at CBAC, let me know ASAP what start-time, length-time, and class-type you’d want to attend.  If enough people are interested, I will also offer class Fridays.










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spa manzanita and Janice Gaines are excited beyond words to introduce:


The Place To Go To Get Fit

144 Laneda Ave

Membership open to day passes, 3 day, week, month 6 months and 1 year.

Contact us for more information!

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A Nice Note

Hey, Janice –

We arrived late and saw everyone leaving the spa, but caught up with Dennis and he told us that you had a muscular issue – it must be your QF – hope it heals quickly! What got me out of that warm cozy bed this a.m. and on the road was your note to all of us about last week……you have an amazing ability to push, encourage, educate and inspire all at the same time in your writing and in person….and what is even more impressive is that very few athletes of your caliber would have the ability to work with novices with as much understanding and patience as you do. Thank you!!

L Eigen

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Manzanita Pace Setters

Last week while I was getting dressed to go running with MPS it was down pouring, not just raining but really raining, Mike was thinking “no way” and I was thinking “I have to go, I have a commitment to you and our club and I actually felt like running so what the heck.”  I was able to convince Mike to go by encouraging him and telling him how good he would feel when he was done and that a “little” rain is not a big deal, feels good on your skin and is very refreshing.


There is something about being out in the elements that feeds our soul in a special way.


Of course it does help to wear the right clothing.

If you have any questions about layering and the comfortable way to dress for a variety of weather and temperature conditions just let me know. I love this topic and I have affection for modern fabrics and how they help us be more comfortable, enhance movement and even help us prevent injury.


As nature is so unpredictable when we arrived to meet the other “brave” souls that showed up, the rain stopped and the skies got a bit brighter and we had a great time, in fact Mike said it was the best run he had had this year and felt super.  We also noticed everyone had bright smiles on their faces!


So next time you have an “opportunity” to push yourself past your comfort zone and get outside into what appears to be uncomfortable elements you might very well be surprised by the rewards.!

I highly encourage you to try; you know “just do it”!


This weeks w,j,r is a friendly loop through the golf course trail off of 3rd street and down to the park.

I noticed that some of the walkers are now jogging a bit and up hill, that is awesome, I am proud of you! So lets all try this a bit, push yourself some either in distance or pace. This week’s courses are perfect for either.

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Nehalem Estuary Cleanup




Nehalem Estuary Cleanup,


March 28th


Join hardy volunteers of all ages for the 2009 Nehalem Estuary cleanup on Saturday, March 28th.  Orientation will begin at 7:45 am, upstairs at the Sea Shack, in downtown Wheeler.  Team leaders will describe different cleanup sites, gather volunteers, and head out to pick up trash, returning to the Sea Shack around noon.   Retrieving collected trash by boat and sorting for disposal will go on until around 3 pm.  Dress for the weather. Rubber boots, a hat, and snug fitting gloves are useful as well as a daypack for carrying extra clean-up bags, lunch, and water. 

Volunteers are invited to return to the Sea Shack at 6:30 pm. for a thank you dinner, featuring chili from Wanda’s Cafe in Nehalem and corn bread from Bread and Ocean in Manzanita.  And, if you aren’t too tired to cut a rug, local musicians will give you something to dance to!

In 2007, volunteers removed 15 yards of styrofoam, 66 tires, 15 barrels and drums, 2 refrigerators, 65 board feet of treated lumber, 2 cubic yards of plastic, 2 cubic yards of scrap metal, 4 barrels of glass, 1 barrel of aluminum cans, and an miscellaneous assortment of coffee makers, sports balls, shotgun shells, plastic toys and duck decoys. 

This 6th biennial Nehalem Estuary cleanup is organized by the Lower Nehalem Watershed Council and the Lower Nehalem Community Trust.  Sponsors include Oregon State Parks, Cart’m, SOLV, ODF&W, and many local businesses.  Your RSVP is a  help in our planning, but not imperative.  Contact the Trust at 503-368-3203 or 

Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to the health of our watershed!

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Yoga Workshop

Tolovana Arts Colony

Yogic Breathing Class

Saturday, April 18, 2009

2:00 – 4:30pm

Cost: $20

Introduction to Yogic Breathing, Focus and Meditation

This workshop approaches yoga through breathwork, focused contemplation and meditation. The power of these practices will be experienced through a variety of techniques, cultivating calmness of mind, a sense of well-being and serenity. No previous knowledge or experience is necessary.

Yogic Breathing and Meditation Series

Date: 4-week series begins Thursday, April 23

Time: 10:30am – 11:30am


Drop-in: $10

In this series of classes, we will explore the roots of yoga through breathwork, mantra, focused contemplation and various forms of meditation. Deepen your knowledge of yoga and how it can become a part of your daily life on and off the mat. The results? Calmness of mind, a sense of well-being, and deeper mental clarity. All are welcome.

Instructors: Daryl and Lucy Eigen

Instructor contact #: 503-791-2499

Daryl Karunakar Eigen, Ph.D., RYT-500 and Lucy Jeevani Eigen, MA, RYT-500 bring a combined 25 years of training, study and teaching to their enthusiastic classes and workshops. They have studied Classical Yoga extensively in the U.S., Asia and India with master yogis and senior teachers. In addition Lucy is an advanced certified craniosacral therapist and Daryl is a volunteer teacher for Living Yoga in Portland, OR.

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You want to get in shape, you can imagine what it would be like, there are days you get up and get out there and it feels great, but then there are other days….

Well I wish there was a magic potion to give you discipline or some special words that would help… actually here are some:


There is nothing but your own personal desire and that has to be enough. I was talking to someone the other day and I told her that either way you have to pay a price. If you choose not to workout (train, exercise…) then its not any easier for you in fact I think life is harder and not as much fun.


  •  Because if I don’t make fitness a priority, no one else will
  •  If I work out I will lose weight and inches which means I can wear some of my old favorites clothes
  • I am ready to throw my perfectionist, all or nothing attitude out the window. Fifteen minutes is better than none – so if that is all I can do one day, then do it
  • I sleep much better at night when I exercise
  • I will feel better about my body image
  • My heart will be very grateful
  • You will be sexier (oh no…)(like who wouldn’t like that?)
  • Oh yea the one about being healthier in every darn conceivable way
  • Now you come up with some of your own, the one I use is “okay Janice get up you know how good it will feel to have a great workout in today, come on….”

 I can go on and on but lucky for you I won’t, but one thing you got to get in your head is that:


Its not something you are going to do temporarily oh yea that reminds me of this one:

THERE IS NO FINISH LINE~Nike (well actually there is but you don’t want to think about that one).

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Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention to arrive safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming: Wow!! What a ride!

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